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Heirloom Seeds

Otherwise known as Free-Pollinating Seeds, these seeds have NOT been Genetically Modified, are not Hybrid, and therefore the End Of Season Seeds can be harvested and will reproduce true the following Season. 

The word Heirloom when applied to Seeds generally refers to a number of years a specific Variety has reproduced true.  However, the number of years necessary to qualify as Heirloom and how they are verified to reproduce true varies from source to source.  Therefore the term Heirloom is frequently misleading.

Our Heirloom Seeds have been selected by a Horticulturalist who has 40 years experience in the Industry.  Each Years Seed Harvest is thoroughly tested for Reliability before being Processed for Storage and Packaged for Sale.












Seed Processing

Our Seeds come from the Finest Varieties of Heirloom Vegetables and Herbs, individually selected for their Flavor, Regional Adaptability, and Reliability.

Each Seed Variety is Laboratory Tested to insure they meet our high Standards.

Seeds that meet or exceed those standards are screened and processed for purity of content and to insure the Seed Moisture Content for each Variety is Ideal for Long Term Storage.












Seed Packaging

After being tested, screened and processed for Maximum Storage Life Our Seeds are Packaged in Triple Layer Resealable Mylar Envelopes to seal out Air, Light,  Moisture, and Insects.

Each Mylar Envelope is then Labeled with the specific Variety of Seed, along with the Lot Number, Test Date, and Germination Rate from the Laboratory Test.












Seed Storage

Three things affect Seed Storage Life; Heat, Light, and Moisture:

Our Preparation and Packaging protects your Essential Seeds from Light, Moisture, and Insect Intrusion.  We ask you to protect them from Heat.  Storing our Packages at Room Temperature or Below insures that Your Seeds remain Viable for 4 to 6 Years.  Refrigerating them will keep them fresh over 10 years.













Show Codes

AATROC'S ESSENTIAL SEEDS issues Show Codes at Special Events and Sponsored Programs for limited time On-Line Discounts.  Show Codes save money because they are flat prices that include shipping and any applicable Sales Tax.  See our Event Schedule to attend a scheduled Event, or E-Mail Us about your Fund Raising Events or Bulk Purchases.












Packaging and Shipment

We are dedicated to providing our Customers with the Freshest and Highest Quality Seeds Available.

When you place an Order with us our Packager selects the appropriate Varieties of Current Year Seeds already Prepared and Packaged in individual Mylar Envelopes and Sealed along with an informative Growing Guide into the Appropriate Can or Resealable Mylar Pouch.  The Package is also Labeled with the list of Varieties inside, including Lot Numbers and Test Dates.

Only then do your Essential Seeds leave the Environmentally Controlled Warehouse for direct shipment to you.

It takes a little more care and time to do it this way, and our handling times are a little bit longer.

However, this Insures that when you Purchase from Essential Seeds you are getting the Freshest Possible Product, not just a Container of Seeds that may have been sitting in a Storage Shed for an unknown number of Years.